Taylor swift dating alexander skarsgard

Swift has had high profile relationships with celebrities like Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles in the past.

We soooo did not see this one coming, no matter how common it is for romances to start up on set.

"I was already in London, because I wrapped before the other guys to start , director Phillip Noyce's movie adaptation of the young adult best-seller about a world where everyone has been stripped of their emotions and memory. "I went to school in Sweden and it's not really part of the canon there, but I've always been since I was a teenager a fan of the Orwellian, dystopian genre," Skarsgård said. "Obviously I knew she was a big pop star, but I got to knew her before knowing her music.

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He is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the 'real' world. In the November issue of In Style she said she wanted to take some time before hitting the dating scene after having had difficulty with her last few relationships.The blonde stunner looked in perfect shape as she wore the form-fitting dress that she paired with matching ballet flats and a black shoulder purse.She didn't forget to apply her customary red lipstick and she wore her hair down in a wavy, seductive fashion.We mean, it's not like Taylor Swift has been linked to many older, vampiric, sex gods; we all know teen heartthrobs are more her speed.But apparently Swifty is learning from past mistakes and taking a dip in the older gentlemen pond.The duo has been spotted going for multiple dinner dates in Los Angeles.


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