Rebecca romain dating

Who do you think works the all-blue bodysuit best: Lawrence or Romijn?

actor revealed the little tidbit to host Andy Cohen and fellow guest Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky!

RELATED PICS: Behind The Scenes of "I've been in denial about the nudity: 'No, no, I'm very covered up.' I kept checking with the rest of the cast: 'You guys, I'm totally covered up, right?

' And they'd tell me, 'No, Rebecca, you're naked,'" Romijn, now 40, told back in 2003. The actress is said to have told reporters that she was "hungry for five months" while dieting for her big part and worked out two hours every day with trainer James Duigan.

Romijn comes from Dutch heritage family whose father is a Dutch-born custom furniture maker, while her mother is an American-born English teacher, of Dutch descent.

Completed her education at Berkeley High School, Romijn eventually attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and majored in Music.

"Because they expressed, like, real feelings for the character of Uncle Jesse, I said, ' You know girls, I gotta tell you something.

This is gonna be crazy…'" PHOTOS: Rebecca without makeup But it gets better!

Used to be a famous supermodel, she later turned her direction to acting and became a very well known actress by the 21st century.And in the editing process, some of the gestures I made, some of the things I said were taken out for time,' the beauty said.Please click on an image for more information, pricing and images."It becomes more about you as a couple." Still, the day did include the element of surprise.After a small group of family and friends-who had been invited to a "special barbecue"-were let in on the secret, the celebration of life and love began. The actor confirmed he's seeing someone during a Friday appearance on "The View." The topic came up when co-host Joy Behar insisted on asking the "Grandfathered" and "Fuller House" star a burning question: "Do you like your women submissive or dominant?


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