How to handle rejection in dating

It doesn’t matter how beautiful, smart, funny, charming, or awesome you are, there will be times when you meet people who just don’t see it.If I could write a note to my younger self it would be: “Don’t take it all so personally.What to do if you are consistently rejected socially As a loner, it is very tough to experience social rejection.Since it is natural to want to fit in and be accepted, consistent rejection will damage a person's self confidence and self esteem.Many people, especially those with a penchant for unavailable relationships, struggle with rejection and take it very personally, which is unsurprising when they also fear making mistakes and engage in trying to ‘win’ people over.go through it although you’ll notice that those who cope with rejection, don’t call it ‘rejection’.GET YOUR FREE “ALPHA MALE – INSIDER SECRETS” DOWNLOAD FROM US AND GAIN ACCESS TO EVEN MORE AMAZING INFO, PHOTOS, VIDEO, TRICKS AND TIPS TO BOOST YOUR SEX LIFE TO EVERYTHING YOU EVER DREAMED OF…AND EVEN MORE…

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By Judith Silverstein, Michael Lasky The Internet is a strange place, and what seems abnormal for in-person experiences is completely common on the Internet.You’re wonderful, and if someone else doesn’t see it, let that be their problem, not yours.” Unfortunately, my younger self didn’t get the memo and any type of rejection (especially from the opposite sex) would wreak havoc on my self-esteem.And those kinds of wounds can take a lifetime to heal and will inevitably carry over into your next relationship.What you need to realise about avoiding rejection, whether it’s by living in the past, fearing starting over and giving yourself a hard time about all of the things that you perceive as a rejection of you, or you’ve been clinging to a one trick three legged horse and refusing to fold on a relationship that’s completely detracting from you, is: rejectionable and that there is external evidence to support their mindset means that the unhealthy beliefs and feeding the self-fulfilling prophecy automatically opt them out of anything that contradicts this, not least because they’re not participating actively in their lives and moving forward.The two easiest ways to avoid rejection in relationships – don’t have way as ‘rejection’.Many demoralized losers slowly stop trying because they wish to avoid the pain of rejection.


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