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A lot of managers act in ways that would never fly at IBM.

Lemonis often picks a select employee to receive equity (with no discussion at all as to whether equity for a low-paid employee who hasn't contributed any capital is a good move for all parties and makes sense from a tax standpoint) but rarely or never suggests raises across the board.

Julia was married to Charles Dodds (born February 1865), a relatively prosperous landowner and furniture maker, with whom she had ten children.

Charles Dodds had been forced by a lynch mob to leave Hazlehurst following a dispute with white landowners.

Johnson is now recognized as a master of the blues, particularly of the Mississippi Delta blues style.

Dream Big Many people don’t have dreams that are big enough and because of that, they are not pushed sufficiently to get themselves there. Stop prying into people’s lives to check if they have money or not to be your potential customer. And then keep repeating that entire process over and over and over until they get THAT perfect pie.

It takes 2-3 years to just break even in a conventional business and that is if you were lucky. Be around Good People When you have a tribe of people with good energy, you feel it, you radiate it, you live it!!! Mamapumpkin spent 7 years in London committing crimes to gain her Bartlett BSc in Architecture.

Honestly, what other faster ways are there to make money in a secure and sustainable way apart from staying focused and growing one business the right way? No mountain is too high, no river is too wide and as a group, no matter how small or big, when there is trust and genuine sincerity amongst the organisation, you’re like family. Everyone has a talent, everyone is special, nobody gets left behind. We have a clear mission of changing the world and are already doing it. She spent 7 years as a Stay At Home Mom raising her children as documented in this Mamapumpkin blog since over 10 years ago and thereafter returned to the Corporate World stronger than ever.

Green Tea (everybody wants vanilla, so let's throw 10 grand here and there at new flavors) and Grafton Furniture (let's hire someone to paint a ghastly mural on the front of the building) and Shuler's Bar-B-Q (does a part-time restaurant really need a gift shop of non-restaurant items? (The guess here is that the landlord, out of deference to the Barons' father, had been giving the brothers favorable terms and after seeing Lemonis enter the picture, decided the brothers didn't need his help anymore.) Surely, one would have to question pouring 6 digits of cash into a location that, according to what was later mentioned on the show, is subject to lease revocation at any time. It's a show about how floundering businesses can look really nice if unlimited amounts of money are thrown at them.

But as Lemonis spread himself thinner and thinner, the show became a shrine to excess. (See Amazing Grapes and Standard Burger and Inkkas and Wick'ed.) Then there are the quality businesses that got eyebrow-raising investments, such as Mr. 1, Car Cash, might've had the worst investment of all, as the seemingly happy ending of Lemonis' costly overhaul of the Baron brothers' prized location was undermined by an update in which the Barons got booted by their landlord.


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