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Drop an image from the web into a Pages document to make it pop.

Or a Maps location into an invitation to get your party started. Paste the ingredients right to the grocery list on your i Phone.

The handy features of Siri on i OS are now on your Mac, along with brand-new ways to help you with the things you do every day on your desktop. So you can be working on one thing, like finishing up a document, and ask Siri to send a message to your coworker saying it’s on the way — without stopping what you’re doing. Everything stays up to date — so you always know where to find game times, trending topics, or important documents. Then drag results right to a window on your desktop.

Ask Siri to search for the documents you opened this week, then refine your results to just the ones with the word “annual” in the title.

A lot of problems with slow shut down are caused by a familiar issue that plagues virtually every platform; hung software.

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With mac OS Sierra, your desktop and your Documents folder — where files are usually saved on a Mac — can also be automatically stored in i Cloud Drive, so every file you add is accessible anywhere.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.i Cloud Photo Library automatically uploads every photo and video you take, making them accessible from your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, Apple TV, Mac, or PC and on i In rare instances the proper OS X kill processes go wrong, greatly increasing shutdown times. By default a Mac will save your currently active session into memory when it shuts down, which lets you resume exactly where you left off when you turned your computer off.Transferring the information to memory can take time, however, so you may increase shut down speeds by turning this feature off. Your Mac will prompt your with an “are you sure you want to shut down” – or restart, as the case may be – message which includes a “Reopen windows when logging back in” checkbox. Note that you may need to perform a few restart cycles to see benefits.Learn more Up to six members of your family can share i Tunes, i Books, and App Store purchases, along with family photos, calendars, locations, and more.


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