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She says Criss tried to isolate her from her friends and was jealous of her fame.“For all his fame, fortune, and success, Criss, to me, seemed cripplingly insecure,” Holly writes.The magician - one of the world's most successful - appeared to hit-out at Chloe's ex-husband in the tweet, Murray Sawchuck, who has a residency at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas Back in time: Chloe and Criss were first confirmed as a couple in October, just one month after she and Murray (pictured together in September 2015), 41, were said to have ended their three year marriage'It's early days, but Chloe and Criss are very happy,' said the insider. Although Murray is putting on a brave face he's absolutely devastated.It's a real slap in the face because Criss is his biggest rival.Taking to the social networking site on Saturday, a defiant Chloe, 27, tweeted she was still 'living w most loving man ever' whilst proclaiming she remains the 48-year-old magician's '#1 Co-star', a message that was also posted by Criss.

Once Holly did break it off with Hef, and revealed she was leaving the mansion, she says Criss was quick to invite her to live with and Hugh Hefner ex “tells all” about her time living in the Playboy mansion alongside Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson.But perhaps the most eyebrow-raising portions of the book are the chapters dedicated to Holly’s 2008-09 relationship with Hot Topic posterboy magician Criss Angel.Criss Angel has funded the operations of the foundation out of his own pocket since its inception in 2008.It has now become his life's mission (after working with childhood causes since 2001) when recently his own child, Johnny Crisstopher was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015 at 20 months old.According to TMZ she is looking to net the cash worth of the ring however under Nevada law, where the suit was filed, the engagement ring is a gift in contemplation of marriage and it does not go ahead the gifter gets the ring back.


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